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Hyundai Trucks and Buses Philippines VOW Comprehensive Vax Mobility Solutions

Posted September 20, 2021

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai commercial vehicles in the Philippines, strengthens its commitment to support national efforts to fast-track the COVID-19 vaccination rollout with the Hyundai Vaccine on Wheels (VOW) program, a comprehensive portfolio of mobility solutions designed to support the safe and efficient transport of vaccines, as well as to fast track the nationwide administration of vaccines.

“With Hyundai VOW, we firm up our response to the pandemic,” explained Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo, HARI President and CEO. “It concretizes HARI’s resolve to help shape a stronger and healthier society—a society capable of ‘transform-nation,’ or of taking on the challenge to bring the economy back on its feet in and despite present difficulties.” 

Under the Hyundai VOW program are the Hyundai MedTRX Series and the County transformed as a vaccination clinic.

Launched in July, the Hyundai MedTRX (pronounced med trucks) Series is a fleet of refrigerated vans that cater to local governments, health sectors, and cold chain solutions providers in need of transport solutions to fast track the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines.

The Hyundai MedTRX Series has two commercial vehicle platforms to choose from: the HD36L and HD65.

HD36L MedTRX Refrigerated Van

The HD36L is a 6-wheeler, light-duty truck platform built with Hyundai’s high-strength steel. Its features highlight the vehicle’s dependability, efficiency and safety.  The cab and chassis dimensions of 5,310 mm in length, 1,760 mm in width, 2,200 mm in height, and wheelbase of 2,810 mm add up to the suitability of the HD36L in delivering large quantities of medical supplies.

Powered by a 2.5-liter turbocharged intercooler direct injection diesel engine that produces high torque and speed and paired with a 6-speed manual transmission, the HD36L can achieve sufficient fuel efficiency, as rpm is kept at a minimum during high speed, which helps during demanding delivery loads. 

It also makes for a secure drive with the Load-sensing Proportioning Valve that adapts braking force to the load, thus ensuring efficient braking; strong tires that keep a firm grip the road; and a reverse warning buzzer that alerts bystanders when the vehicle is backing up. 

Maintenance service is also easy in the HD36L, thanks to its 45-degree tilt angle that makes it much easier to check important vehicle components.

For the HD36L MedTRX Refrigerated Van, Hyundai provides two choices:

  • ·  The HD36L refrigerated van built with Cooltech by Centro. Its refrigerated van body is designed for a sturdy fit and finish with stainless lock rod and hinges; 4-inch polystyrene foam insulation to keep temperature cool; and the Thermal Master T-1600 refrigeration which can produce attainable temperature of negative 20 degrees Celsius.
  • ·  The HD36L refrigerated van developed by HK Climate Controls Inc. (HKCCI).  Its durable body can take on a huge load of vaccines and other medical supplies. Outside, it has stainless lock rod and hinges and side door access for added convenience.  On the inside, the refrigeration system is powered by Frigid Air 45 with attainable temperature of negative 25 degrees and uses a 4-inch polyurethane foam insulation.

HD65 MedTRX Refrigerated Van

Built with heat-treated steel frame reinforced with crossmembers and bolt-type fasteners, the HD65 is another viable truck option for vaccine transport. Cab and chassis dimensions of 6,170 mm in length, 2,000 mm in width, 2,250 mm in height, and wheelbase of 3,415 mm give it a commanding and balanced presence on the road. 

Its power comes from a 3.9-liter turbocharged intercooler direct injection diesel engine paired with 5-speed manual transmission that capably churns out high torque and speed. 

When it comes to safety, you’re in good hands with the HD65 as it is equipped with a variety of active and passive safety features. The windshield affords excellent field of vision and clear forward lines of sight.  Tires are fitted with large brake drum linings for reliable stopping power. The Anti-lock Braking System integrated with Electronic Brake Force Distribution keeps you in control of the vehicle when navigating slippery or challenging terrain.

The HD65 also has a 50-degree tilt angle for easy maintenance.

Also developed by HK Climate Controls Inc., it features 4-inch polyurethane foam insulation, stainless lock rod and hinges, and side door access, while the Frigid Air refrigeration system allows for attainable temperature of negative 25 degrees Celsius, and comes with Electric Standby Unit and Automated Thermoregister to maintain and monitor van temperature. 

With these features, the HD65 MedTRX refrigerated van complies with the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC), and the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA). It also meets the WHO standard temperature range of +10 to -25 degrees Celsius for vaccine storage. 

Hyundai COUNTY: your versatile healthcare partner

From moving people to driving healthcare services, the COUNTY makes the mark as a mobility solution. Its rounded clean and sleek image cuts a friendly and familiar sight on the road, especially last year as a Hyundai Biyahe ng Bayani free shuttle for medical front liners. 

With a host of features that demonstrate dependability, safety, and reassuring comfort, the County reflects Hyundai’s human-centric design philosophy. In its standard configuration, it seats 29 including the driver. The interiors combine outstanding ergonomics and aesthetics that give driver and passengers maximum comfort. The roomy cabin space, deluxe cargo storage for extra luggage, and plush passenger seats provide best-in-class comfort and convenience. Flush panoramic windows give passengers a refreshing view. 

As Hyundai’s MVP: Mobile Vaccination Partner that you can count on, the COUNTY’s generous interiors can be configured to accommodate actual vaccination procedures, a clinical bed, and storage for medical essentials and other healthcare goods. Inclusions, such as two units of portable Bio Ultra Freezers, two units of retractable tent (motorized), blood pressure (BP) apparatus, oxygen tank with regulator and humidifier, and other optional medical and emergency equipment are also made available depending on the customer’s needs.

As a product of Hyundai’s advanced testing and manufacturing facilities, the COUNTY meets the highest standards of performance, durability and safety.

Its CRDi (Common Rail Direct Injection) engine produces 140ps and is capable of responsive acceleration with high torque even at low RPM.

Vehicle stability is also reinforced, as Hyundai made sure to subject each unit to the most punishing durability tests on various road conditions. The sturdy body on the box-type chassis frame offers greater resistance against bending and torsional forces.  It also has greater rust-resistance, thanks to Hyundai’s electrostatic immersion process.  

For safer stops, the Load Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV) selectively distributes hydraulic brake pressure between the front and rear wheels according to the weight distribution of the passengers. The large-sized 9+10 tandem brake booster provides ample hydraulic brake pressure to significantly reduce brake pedal force for advanced safety.

“Given the still-limited mobility and the health risks posed by crowded vax centers, VOW brings the vaccines to the people where they are, in a safer and more convenient way. Our Mobile Vaccination Clinic can even make drive-through jabs possible,” said Ms. Agudo. “That way, we can secure herd immunity possibly in a shorter span, and so fast track the economic recovery that we all hope for.” 

For more information on the customization and available features of the MedTRX Series and the County Mobile Vaccination Clinic, contact your authorized Hyundai Trucks and Buses dealer.  Get to know more of Hyundai trucks and buses at send in your inquiries or requests for quotes at Hyundai CARES/HCARES:



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