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New Year, New Car!

Posted January 10, 2022

Well, why not? The HYUNDAI ACCENT just got cited by 2021 JD Power USA as the Subcompact Car with the best resale value after three years of ownership. So, this may be a good time to invest in Hyundai’s most affordable yet most dependable and famously fuel-efficient sedan that will give you bang for your buck once you decide to sell it… and upgrade to your next level dream car!

Selling a used car on your own will save you on middle man fees, plus you can still use it while waiting for the best possible offer. Here’s how.

1. Research, research, research! Find out the best price. You can get an idea of its market depreciation rate and market value by checking out reliable online direct selling platforms. Prices will vary with age, mileage, condition, and modifications done on your vehicle. 

2. Peg your price. You are more likely to give it a higher price if you’ve been using original parts all this time and kept to the recommended preventive maintenance schedule (PMS) of your car.

3. Pay up any pending loans. Early loan repayment may have additional fees, but if you have the amount on hand, then settle everything as soon as you can. Contact your bank for other options, like paying off the loan with your credit card. 

4. List it. Choose a reputable online selling platform. Post as many detailed photos as you are allowed to. 

5. Schedule a “safe” viewing/test drive. We’re not yet in the clear, health-wise, so expect prospective buyers to meet up only when you’ve answered all their questions online. Have important documents, like the car registration, on hand to show. 

Also, it is always safe to meet up with strangers in a public place. Observe the standard health protocols and social distancing measures. Plan your test drive route. Choose one that’s relatively traffic free and will allow your buyer enough time to fully appreciate your car’s performance. Have important documents on hand, like the certificate of registration (CR), official purchase receipt, and recent service and maintenance records. A clearance certificate from the Philippine National Police Traffic Management Group is optional, but it gives added assurance of a legit sale. 

6. Once you are paid, issue a payment receipt and deed of sale (contract to sell), indicating the agreed price and handover date, which you and new owner must sign. Remember to have it notarized.

7. Hand over the keys. Kiss your old Hyundai goodbye and say hello to maybe a brand new HYUNDAI ACCENT, KONA, or TUCSON

If you’re upgrading, the same JD Power study cited the head-turning 2022 HYUNDAI KONA as Best in Resale Value in the Micro Utility category.

While the HYUNDAI TUCSON finished second in its segment in the JD Power USA 2021 Initial Quality Study, breezing through the 223-point questionnaire on vehicle safety, driving experience, dealership experience, and resale value.