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#TechTalk – Common Rail Direct Injection

Posted December 20, 2021

One of the major factors that car buyers consider when purchasing a new vehicle is fuel efficiency. But sometimes, fuel efficiency compromises power. A buyer would want to get the most out of their investment by getting a car that ticks both these boxes, and popular opinion suggests that diesel engines cannot meet the standards of combined efficiency and power. That’s a myth because with improved diesel technology—diesel-fed engines can now power vehicles with better efficiency and performance––all at a lower rate of emissions and even improved comfort (less engine vibration).

The common rail direction injection system or CRDi delivers impressive fuel economy, superb power and low emissions.

The CRDi engine does not just boast top-notch power, but also delivers one of the best fuel efficiency ratings and low emission levels. CRDi or Common Rail Direct Injection is a fuel injection system found in modern diesel engines including Hyundai models like the AccentTucsonSanta FeStarexH-100 and Palisade. It directly injects fuel into the cylinders of a diesel engine through a single, common line, making it a common rail to all the injectors. In comparison, a traditional direct fuel injection uses low-pressure pump nozzles to deliver fuel while producing more emissions. The CRDi technology works in tandem with the engine ECU, which gets inputs from various sensors. It then calculates the precise quantity of fuel and timing of injection. In the CRDi system, the fuel-rail constantly stores and supplies the fuel to the solenoid valve injectors at the required pressure. It is said that NVH or Noise, Vibration and Harshness are greatly improved with CRDi because of the timing flexibility; the engine sounds quieter, runs smoother, and has a better quality of sound.

CRDi offers a lot of upsides when it comes to fuel combustion, efficiency, and consumption. It also provides comfort, and a smoother ride for you and the whole family while contributing less carbon emissions.