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Pod-up Your Playlist

Posted September 10, 2021

Stuck in after-work traffic? Playlists 1-5 getting boring? Switch to stimulating conversation with some of the most-followed local podcasts on Spotify and turn your car into a venue for new learning.

1) Hustleshare

How long has that startup been brewing in your mind? Ronster Baetiong chats up successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders who’ll fill you in on their success stories and practical tips on how to make it in business.

2) The Underpaid Podcast

Blowing off steam from an office encounter? Stanley Chi has your back. He’ll take you on a fun and funny journey of dealing with the daily ups and downs of office politics and real-life horrible bosses.

3) The Linya Linya Show

Your online kabarkada Ali Sangalang and his eclectic roster of creatives try to make sense of “adulting” in this day and age using pop culture and current events references as their starting point, and carried through with a generous sprinkling of friendly banter.

4) Wake Up with Jim & Saab

The husband-wife team of Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona get real and chill about sharing their thoughts on smart parenting in today’s world. This podcast is an industry pioneer and gained strong following for taking on relevant, family-centered topics against the backdrop of the hottest issues of our times.

5) Small Talk with Alec Cuenca

“Small conversations with huge impact” lend practical tips on how the “always-on” crowd can cope with difficult times and still make their way toward becoming a better version of themselves.

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