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Going FUR a drive?

Posted August 10, 2021

Nothing makes a trip better than taking your pets with you.  But before you go, here are some tips and tricks to make your journey safe, fun, and rewarding for fur-parents everywhere.

Before anything else…

It’s best to wait until your pup is at least 16 weeks old. Younger dogs still can’t handle long trips.

Make sure he’s properly vaccinated, especially against threats like Lyme disease and Parvo, which he can easily catch in unfamiliar places.

Get him to sit with you inside the car with the engine off. Let him sniff around his designated spot. Make it permanent by throwing in a familiar toy or blanket for a reassuring scent.

Once he’s settled, go on a 10-minute spin. Drive slowly. You don’t want to traumatize your buddy by knocking him around at every stop or turn. And have some treats and loads of praise ready for good behavior.

Dog-proof your car

He can get whiny and give you the puppy eyes but, for everyone’s safety, never drive with your pet on your lap or the front seat. His best spot is the back seat or the cargo area (for bigger breeds). Secure him with a doggie seat belt or inside a safety crate. Just make sure the car’s cool and well ventilated and that fresh air flows into the crate.

Have old newspapers, blankets, towels, and a cleaning agent ready to protect or clean up your interiors.

Some pups get car sick during long drives. To avoid this, don’t feed him two to three hours before you set off. But always keep him hydrated.

Stock up on water, treats, and toys to keep your four-legged passenger happy and occupied.

On the road

It looks cute, but it’s risky to have your dog’s head sticking out of the window while you drive. He can jump out, get eye injuries, or be hit by a passing vehicle. Keep the A/C on or leave the window slightly open to let in some air.

For nervous pups, calming sprays are available commercially. Or just pack his favorite toy, blanket, or rug to give him the scent of home. Chewing and licking are soothing for dogs.

Make frequent pet stops for water and pee breaks. Try to park in a quiet, grassy spot with trees. Oh, and remember to clean up after him.

As with children, never ever leave your dog unattended in a closed vehicle.

Once you get to your destination, give him time to get out of your car. Even the most behaved dogs can get uneasy in a strange new environment. Walk—or run—with him to stretch and relax. But always keep him on a leash and with the collar and tag on. Better yet, have his photo on hand for easier identification should he break away from you.

With micro travel as the order of the day, the Hyundai Accent is your perfect go-anywhere vehicle to explore and patronize the growing number of locally-run pet-friendly spots within and outside the Metro. Check out Greenfield in Mandaluyong, BGC High Street, Bark Central in Eastwood, Arroceros Forest Park, Hachi Park in Circulo Verde, Quezon City, Containers in Tagaytay, Luljetta Hanging Gardens Spa in Antipolo, or The Cabins Resorts in Bulacan.

You and your best buddy are safe and cozy in the Hyundai Accent no matter how FUR you go!

You are all set for #BetterJourneys.