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Cutting-Edge & Cruelty-Free: Sustainable Innovations

Posted August 4, 2021

Excellence, in many industries, has long been linked to depriving the Earth of so much. Yet it isn’t too late to work on turning things around. At Hyundai, we have been exploring the use of high-quality sustainable materials for quite some time, and eco-friendly leather and bio paints are now used in our interiors. We are not alone in our continuing mission for sustainable innovation. Around the world, there are innovators exploring bold new ideas to build an environmentally responsible, cruelty-free future. Introducing some of these groundbreaking efforts.

Mushroom Leather

Leather has been widely used for thousands of years thanks to its versatility and durability, and it has applications in many industries from fashion to furniture and cars. But for a long time, many people have had concerns about the environmental impact of leather and have asked whether alternatives could be found.

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