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How to embrace the 7Rs of sustainable living

Posted July 23, 2021

The world’s resources won’t last forever, this is something we all know. But we can all do our part by resolving to live more sustainably. Inspired by Earth Day, which was celebrated on the 22nd April we caught up with Josephine Philips – founder of the Sojo app –to find out what sustainability means to her and how you can build the 7Rs of sustainability into your daily life.

We all know the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, but today you can add another 4Rs – Regift, Repurpose, Refuse and Rethink to your list. Here at Hyundai, we believe that all 7Rs are equally important when it comes to minimizing our impact on the planet. In our latest commercial released with BTS in celebration of Earth Day we said: “For tomorrow, We won’t wait”. Adopting the 7Rs is just one of the ways that we are rethinking our relationship with the planet.

The 7Rs are especially important when it comes to rethinking our relationship with our clothes and our planet. Fashion has become so fast that there are now 55 fashion cycles a year. Gone are the days when we bought one item and wore it for several years. Our clothes are now ending up in the landfill at an alarming rate.

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