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THE HYUNDAI COUNTY: The Minibus You Can Always Count On

Posted March 3, 2021

Economic activity continues to gain momentum and most businesses are gradually, and safely, operating at regular pace.  However, COVID remains a serious threat to society.

This fact underscores the crucial role of safe transportation in moving people and businesses as efforts to put the pandemic under control continue. This makes Hyundai commercial vehicles your Partner in Every Way with its portfolio of world-class, durable, fuel-efficient, and safe commercial vehicles geared for the Better Normal.

And for your transportation needs in these challenging times, Hyundai County is the minibus you can count on.

Specially designed for mass transport, the County is a reliable choice for those businesses and clients requiring safe and comfortable shuttles for their employees.

Class and Practicality in Harmony

Hyundai brings style and function to its premium people carrier. The rounded edges and smooth exterior make for a clean and sleek image, while the flush panoramic windows offer passengers a great view.

Reflecting Hyundai’s human-centric design philosophy, the County’s interior combines outstanding ergonomics and aesthetics to give maximum comfort to the driver and passengers. The roomy cabin space, deluxe cargo storage for extra luggage, and plush passenger seats provide best-in-class comfort and convenience. In its standard configuration, it seats 29 including the driver.

Performance and Safety Solidified

As a product of Hyundai’s advanced testing and manufacturing facilities, the County meets the highest standards of performance, durability and safety.

Its CRDi (Common Rail Direct Injection) engine produces 140ps and is capable of responsive acceleration with high torque even at low RPM.

When it comes to stability, the County’s sturdy body on the box-type chassis frame offers greater resistance against bending and torsional forces as Hyundai has made sure to subject each unit to intense durability tests on various road conditions. It also has greater rust-resistance, thanks to Hyundai’s electrostatic immersion process.

Maneuvering the County is effortless and safe. The power clutch, or hydraulic assistance that requires less clutch pedal effort, reduces driver fatigue. For safer stops. The Load Sensing Proportioning Valve selectively distributes hydraulic brake pressure between the front and rear wheels according to the weight distribution of the passenger load. Large-sized 9+10 tandem brake booster provides ample hydraulic brake pressure to significantly reduce brake pedal force for advanced safety of the passengers.

Reliable People Mover

Backed by a 3-Year, 200,000-kilometer Mileage Warranty (whichever comes first), operating and maintaining a Hyundai County makes it the most trusted people carrier among business enterprises. The County further proved its capacity when it was put to service as the Hyundai Biyahe ng Bayani free shuttle service for thousands of medical front liners in Metro Manila and Northern and Southern Luzon and carrier for critical medical supplies to Hyundai’s partner health institutions.

The Hyundai County is available at Hyundai Trucks and Buses dealerships nationwide.  For more details, or to request for a quote, log on at Hyundai e-B2B: easy Booking to Buying platform at


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